Selling your home? Know the facts.

  • No home is in perfect condition
  • To get market price for your home, you home must be in tip-top shape, regardless of it's age.
  • The more you know about the home's condition, the more you can control the sales process
  • Buyers do walk away from homes that seem to need too much repair.
  • Buyers decide to buy a home based on emotion, but justify their decision with rational and logic.
  • Buyers almost always request inspections that can mean long list of repairs.

Have your home inspected BEFORE the first buyer shows up and you and your agent will

  • be in better control of repairs and bids
  • have better control of the seller/buyer process
  • minimize frustration
  • sell your home for more money see a faster closing time

Call us for a Sellers Advantage Home Inspection today!

Ours years of experience and thorough inspection will give you the piece of mind you need and help you make your home the most marketable it can be.

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